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About Imagine If

Remember when you were a kid and you just had fun?

As a kid you were always learning, though you may not have realised it!  Whether you were climbing a tree, doing a painting, or pretending to be on a horse (when you were really riding a bike); you were learning.

Imagine if learning could still be this much fun when you grow up? I believe it can be. That’s what Imagine If is all about; making learning fun and creating spaces for you to think differently.

Imagine if we could make learning fun; I believe people would be more open to the experience and more likely to take in what they’ve learned and do something with it.

Cat Hase

Cat Hase

Creative Director

Hi I’m Cat.  I love to learn and to share knowledge with others.  It means that I quite often have an idea or two when people are looking for a new way of doing things or are looking for inspiration.

I think learning is really important in life – I’ve written more on this topic here.

I like to live an interesting life, never sitting still and always looking for another adventure or something to move me out of my comfort zone.  I wasn’t always this way, but people change.  It’s change that I want to make happen as part of Imagine If.  I truly believe that if people are open to other possibilities and can enjoy exploring them, they are more likely to take on new beliefs and make change happen.

Sometimes it takes time to see that change, but planting the seed is the first step.

Over the years I’ve worked for a variety of companies in different roles.  This has given me great experience of how things work in organisations and the important links between departments.  It was when I began working in an organisational development role that it all came together.  I realised all the skills I’d been building up over the years were taking me to this point.  My passion for learning and helping others develop was renewed and I was able to see changes in the teams I worked with.  Doing this in a single organisation wasn’t enough for me, so I set up Imagine If to be able to share this with other organisations who need help.

Imagine If Limited is a private limited company.  Registered number: 11109149.  Registered Office:  29-35 Forester Building, St Nicolas Place, Leicester, LE1 4LD

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