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“It was great to work with Cat. She has an ability to transform written strategy into graphics – which communicate in way which both attracts attention and inspires. The two infographics about Allied Health Professionals in Lincolnshire have been used on social media and received lots of positive feedback

Polly Blaydes, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust

Allied Health Professionals (AHP’s) form an important part of the workforce in Lincolnshire.  Whilst they are are based across multiple organisations and locations, they work together for the good of the communities they serve.  The AHP lead team wanted to showcase this as one way to draw more people to AHP roles.

The have also developed a three year strategy and wanted to be able to share this in a way that people could quickly and easily grasp – hence the use of sketch-a-graphics!

I loved being able to used bold, bright colours and backgrounds for these sketch-a-graphics, they fit perfectly with the variety of roles and the enthusiasm of those in them.

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