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Welcome to my blog

Have a read of some thoughts that have gone through my head at one time or another!

If there’s a topic you think I know about that would make a good blog, then feel free to drop me a message and I’ll see if it inspires a post!

13 reasons why…. you should develop your team

13 reasons why…. you should develop your team   If you’ve not heard of the Netflix series “13 reasons why” then where have you been hiding? It’s not the most calming of series, shall we say, but it makes a strong case for how wrong things can go from an...

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The development of a logo (my logo!)

  Setting up a business entails so many things and often it's hard to know where to start.  I knew early on that a name and logo/brand were going to be important to me.   I sought help with developing my business name (a skills swap with a connection I'd...

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Business Brains – how it came to be

Setting off on my journey to create Imagine If was not easy.  I'd never set up a business before, I'd never had to find customers, I'd never had to deal with the complete unknown.  What made this journey easier was having people around me who could offer me advice...

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The origins of my sketch-a-graphics

The origins of my sketch-a-graphics People often ask me about the origin of my sketch-a-graphics.  They assume I've been creating them for years and spend my free time drawing.  The truth is that they were a surprise product offering that came out of the time I took...

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Why learning is important to me

I’ve always been interested in learning new things but more recently I think I may have become addicted.   It’s a combination of me wanting to learn more and me realising that I’m learning all the time.  Reading a post/thought/article on Linked In is...

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