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Business Brains has arrived!

The new date for Business Brains has been announced as Wednesday 26th September.

Business Brains is a mastermind group aimed at solo business owners.  It’s purpose is to be a kind of communal brain station.  As a solo business owner I’ve found that you are often left with just your brain to think through ideas, problems and all the other things that go alongside owning your own business.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pull on a few external brains at times?

That’s what Business Brains aims to do.  Each time you can bring along something you’d like to talk through with others; whether that’s to get help to overcome a barrier you have, to get other peoples feedback on an idea or to get help coming up with solutions.  Anything goes.  You could even come along with…..nothing….!  You may find something pops to mind during the session or you can just be there for your fellow attendees.  I’ve often found that helping others gives me just as many ideas as if it had been my own topic.


If you’d like to come along and try it out then book your ticket now.

If you have any questions then drop me a message at

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