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Corporate Catchphrase sketches by Imagine If

Corporate Catchphrase roundup to date


From an innocent lunchtime conversation to twelve weeks of #CorporateCatchphrase – and still going strong!


For those of you who haven’t been following along; each Monday afternoon I release an image depicting a well known corporate phrase on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  I invite people to guess what the saying is and to claim some satisfaction when they are right!  I see the same people coming back for more each week and have others telling me how they’re still trying to figure it out before they comment.


It’s fun.  And who doesn’t need more fun in their lives?!


Twelve weeks has gone by so quickly and I thought it would be a good chance to do a round up of what phrases we’ve had so far – along with any funny guesses that have been made…!

Week 1 – Thrown under a bus

There were some strong, yet unusual guesses for this one including “Get onboard” and “Catching someone who is falling off the bus” – which I kind of like because it sounds like a nice thing to do even if it’s not a phrase we hear often!


Week 2 – Starter for 10

My favourite wrong answer on this one was “10 minute meal” – because it’s pretty close – except I’d have drawn the 0 as a clock face 😉


Week 3 – Ducks in a row

Week 4 – Low hanging fruit

I think this one had a few comedy answers submitted including “If an apple falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” and “Eleven green apples hanging on a tree, and if one green apple would accidentally fall, there’d be ten green apples hanging on a tree”  And then there was “hanging on by a thread” which is pretty good in terms of the relation to the image, even if it wasn’t what was in my mind.


Week 5 – Benchmark

This one stumped a few people!


Week 6 – Thinking outside the box

Week 7 – Results driven

Week 8 – On my radar

I thought this one was a little tricky, but people continue to surprise me with their corporate language knowledge!


Week 9 – Singing from the same hymn sheet / singing the same song

Week 10 – Blue sky thinking

Week 11 – Open door policy

I knew this one would elicit some strong feelings…!!


Week 12 ……. Can you guess?


Want to join in and submit your guesses each month?  Pick your favourite social media channel and follow @fromimagineif – It gets released at around 2:30 each Monday.


I’ve got a few more to come but am always on the lookout for new things to draw.  So if you have an idea for a #CorporateCatchphrase then pop me a direct message/email and let me know – I’ll add all the ones I like (or can draw!) to the list.



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