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Draw it out – why this is the most popular package I offer


I often hear people saying “I find it hard to explain”, “it’s complicated” or “I’m struggling to put it into words”.


Imagine if you had a really important message to get out to people and you felt like this…. what chance have you got of getting it clear enough for people to understand?


This is where my “draw it out” package comes in very handy!  It’s part conversation, part coaching.  I let you ramble, I ask you questions and I seek to understand what you are wanting people to know.  Being a fresh pair of eyes and ears means that I’m coming at it completely fresh and can ask the questions that dig down to what it all really means.  I’m not afraid to ask a stupid question if it helps us to gain clarity on the topic.  It’s often the stupid questions that are the turning point; the aha moment when people realise they’ve got so bogged down in the topic that they’ve not explained the simple things.


Talking things through with a friendly pair of ears seems to really help people get all the information out of their heads – I draw it out of them through questions and playback. (This of course is where this package got its name from!)


The draw it out package lends itself well to when things are;

–       Hard to verbalise

–       Complicated or complex

–       Detailed and hard to know what the important elements are

–       Unclear in your mind but you know it’s in there somewhere!


So don’t worry that you aren’t fully clear on what you need to communicate but don’t sit and stew over it either!  “Draw it out” offers you the chance to talk it through and figure it out together.  If you’d like to know more or you think this could be what you are after then drop me a message.


If you are the kind of person who loves to hear about real-life examples then continue reading below.


From business confusion to business offer clarity

I was talking to someone about their business offering and how people were only seeing one part of what they actually offered.  It was hard to get people to see the whole picture and it was hard to verbalise it.  The conversation was between three of us and as the conversation progressed I started visualising their offering.  I did a quick sketch and then talked it through how I saw it- replaying what I’d heard.  Seeing it visually really helped them understand what they were trying to tell people.  The information was all in their head, they’d just given it to me, but seeing it clearly laid out helped them see what they needed to do next!


From long reports to simple visual

An early client of mine was struggling to help people in their organisation understand a complex topic.  They’d written reports (which may or may not have been read), they tried to explain it to people but none of this was helping people to really understand what it meant.  After a “draw it out” call between us I took the information away and put it into a visual summary that could be shared with the organisation.  It explained the framework being used, what each section meant and how that could be used within their business.  The result – an easy to explain visual that showed the complexity in a simple way.


From dull CV to career journey

The “draw it out” package doesn’t always stand alone.  It often also includes me reviewing additional information on the topic – whether this is sent by the client or is additional research I do to understand the content further.  For example, I recently created a visual CV for a client which consisted of an in-depth “draw it out” conversation talking through their career journey in addition to reading their CV and picking out key dates to combine with the conversation.



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