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Draw Your Own Adventure workshop

Are you looking to communicate important messages or information on behalf of yourself, your team or your organisation?

Are you bored of using the same communication methods and know that your audience most likely is too?


Do you have important information in your head, but aren’t 100% sure on how to make it clear for your audience in a way that they can engage and understand?

If this is the case, then the chances are you may feel a little lost at what you can do to jazz things up or to get clarity when all the information is constantly going round and round in your head like a tumble drier.

Let me introduce you to a way that will not only be fun for you to create, but will make your messages clearer and more engaging for your audience.

Join me and other participants on the Draw Your Own Adventure workshop.  I’ll guide you through how to take your messages, clear them up and then turn them into your own sketch-a-graphic that you can take away and use with your audience.

At the workshop I’ll walk you through the whole process and you’ll work alongside other participants to get clarity, ideas and inspiration before having dedicated time to create your own images.

Whilst the ultimate goal will be to have your own sketch-a-graphic created, a lot of the magic happens in the middle when you work with other people to help sculpt each others key messages.

You’ll each work on your own real life challenge at the workshop and topics could include:

  • A process or policy (such as a HR policy or a customer journey)
  • A strategy or vision
  • Your values, ways of working or team commitments
  • Your business or team offering
  • Product information
  • Models or theories
  • Meeting or workshop agendas
  • Exercise handouts
  • Survey results

And many more!!! If you have something to communicate, the chances are this workshop can help.

Want to know what you’ll get out of the workshop; here’s just some of the benefits:

Get clarity on your topic or messages

Collaborate with others to get fresh perspectives and ideas

Learn a new method to help clarify messages as well as how to create images for them

Create your own sketch-a-graphic!

A few things you’ll want to know

All workshop participants are offered a 15 min pre-chat in advance of the workshop to make sure they have the right topic or idea to bring along. But if you prefer just to check over email then that works too.

All you need to bring on the day is yourself and your idea. If your idea involves further information such as an existing process, statistics etc – then make sure to bring that along too.

Paper, pens, post-its and refreshments are all provided.

If you already use a tablet for drawing on and want to use that on the day then feel free to bring it along.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect at the workshop…

I personally deliver this workshop and it’s one of my favourite things to do! When I’m not doing this workshop, I work with organisations and individuals to create sketch-a-graphics on their behalf, but there’s something wonderful about helping people through the process themselves. To see the transformation from a scribble on a post-it note, to an image that makes sense is just brilliant.

I’m a massive believer in making things fun too, so you can expect to enjoy yourself throughout the process. There’s something about reconnecting with your childhood and just being allowed to sit and draw that I think opens up the mind to new possibilities and thoughts that have been lost or unclear to this point.

Skills that last forever

What you learn at the workshop will not leave you; you can take it away and do it again and again. What you get at the workshop is the method, tips and tricks to help you do it, but you also get the dedicated time and the collaboration with others. So if you’ve attended before and want to have the same dedicated space, feel free to come along again!

The next open workshop is taking place on:

Wednesday 25th September 2019
9:15 – 12:45
LCB Depot, Leicester City Centre
£150 per person

Contact me for more information or to book your place.  *Payment is required to secure your place on the workshop.

Future workshop dates:

Monday 2nd December 2019
9:15 – 12:45
LCB Depot, Leicester City Centre
£150 per person

Contact me for more information or to book your place.  *Payment is required to secure your place on the workshop.

Want to have a workshop delivered at your workplace? I’d love to do that for you!

£1500 per workshop (up to 12 people) or 2 workshops on the same day for £2500

  Contact me for more information or to book.

Got questions? Do these help? 

If so – great!!

If not – drop me a message and I’ll answer it!

I'm not creative... Does it matter?
Were you once a child? Yes?! Then you have creativity inside you and this workshop will help get it out!
A past participant on this workshop was terrified by the idea of drawing, but since the workshop has told me that they use images in their work – even if it’s just the bits they see!
Do I need to be an artist to attend?
Definitely not. Part of the workshop will help you get comfortable with drawing and give you some tips to help you create images even if you don’t feel like you can do it at the moment.
And in all honesty – I don’t feel like an artist either, so I can help you overcome those feelings too!
Who is the best person in an organisation to attend?
I think anyone who has a message to share is well placed – the obvious ones would be comms, organisational development, trainers, project managers, but those who have boring information are well placed too; IG, IT, finance! I really do think this workshop is for anyone who’s interested, rather than what job they do.
Do I need to be clear on the messages I want to communicate before the workshop?
Nope. All you need to be clear on is the topic. There’s time at the workshop to work through the topic and help you get clear on what you want to say – we’ll all help each other in this.
Can you give me some examples of where this has worked?

I’ve worked with all sorts of organisations to help them communicate through the use of sketch-a-graphics. This has included staff survey announcements, strategies on a page, a new starter welcome process, explaining healthy eating, business offerings and many more. My clients are always thinking of new topics and things they want to use them for!
Take a look at my portfolio for some examples.

How can I use my image after the workshop?
That’s completely up to you and depends on your topic. Some people create something that can be seen and understood by anyone – allowing them to send it out or share it as a way of helping people. Others create an image that they use to talk others through; the image acts as a way of building interest and metaphors to what they do, or the process they use.
You can use it online or in print. Many of my clients use them as posters, postcards, banners, leaflets and handouts.
What format will my image be in?
You’ll create your image on paper at the workshop (or on a tablet if you have one that you know how to use!). The size will depend on what paper you choose – A4, A3, A2 or flip chart size – the choice is yours.
You have multiple options of what to do with it after this including taking a photo/scanning and using that, re-creating it on software that you are used to and fits with your brand or some people ask me to turn it into a digital image for them. It really depends on what you want to use it for and what works best for you.
What's a sketch-a-graphic?!
This is a word I made up!
It was my way of describing something that combines sketchnoting and infographics. Sketchnoting is where you take notes of key messages through drawing (also using text) and is often used during live talks or meetings.
Infographics are a way of presenting information as visual representations.
Sketch-a-graphics are therefore hand-drawn images that represent information and key messages. Have a look at some examples in my portfolio.
Do I need to bring any materials with me?

You don’t need to bring anything. However, if you have favourite pens, pencils or paper that you like to use then feel free to bring it along. Likewise if you are looking for an excuse to buy some then go ahead 😉 Who am I to get in the way of new stationary.

Can I use my iPad or tablet to create my image?
You sure can – as long as you already know how to use it to do that! There won’t be time at the workshop for me to show you, nor do I know how all the tablets or apps work! But if you are already a digital drawer then feel free to bring it and use it on the day.

Here’s what past participants had to say…

Cat is a delight to work with!
I attended her workshop that helps people turn boring work comms into engaging, creative content, then she helped me by turning it into a professional piece.
The workshop was calm, engaging, collaborative, enlightening and fun. Then for her to turn my sketches into a professional piece she understood my needs, asked questions I hadn’t considered important until she asked them, and kept things simple and streamlined.
She mixes practical straightforwardedness with creativity and fun which makes for a wonderful experience and a great creative product at the end of it!
Helen Amery

Wild Fig Solutions

“I’m not creative” The things we tell ourselves!
I recently attended Cat’s Visual Communication workshop. I was a bit worried as I knew that the workshop would require me to draw. Which I believed I couldn’t do.
The workshop was about much more than drawing. Cat guided us through a thinking process, we worked in small groups and on our own, and step by step, by the end of the session we were each able to tell a visual story.
And I did draw!
Cat has a very relaxed and encouraging style and a way of making you believe that everyone is creative in their own way.
We covered a lot of ground in a few hours without it seeming rushed. I came out of the session feeling energised.
I feel I’ve learned new skills and tools that I’ll definitely be using again in the future.
Karen Foyster

Life & Work Coach

I recently spent an amazingly useful afternoon with Cat as part of her interactive group workshop learning how to translate business ideas into engaging imagery.
I went with an idea which I wanted to use to improve the marketing of my business. Cat helped us all gain confidence, share ideas and support each other to translate a fairly loose idea into a powerful visual. And we all thought we couldn’t draw!
A great workshop- challenging, engaging and productive. Has made me want to do more!
Sandra Whiles

Sandra Whiles Coaching Limited

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