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Google Jamboard demo – quick and easy how to!

Google Jamboard demo – quick and easy how to!


*Oh hello Google Jamboard, how I have longed to meet you!*

I’ve heard people talking about Google Jamboard for ages but every time I searched for it, I’d be presented with a £5k piece of kit and I just didn’t understand why.

I figured the basic version was something you only had access to in certain services or something. 

Then one day I found it there – in Google – for each and every one of us to use!!! Whaaaaaat?  How did I not discover this before?! 

And then when I played around with it…. wow is it super easy to use!


What is it?  Here’s the highlights!

⬜ It’s an online whiteboard.

💸 It’s free (and in your google account)

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 You can share a link with people and all contribute at the same time.

💾 It saves automatically (unlike a zoom whiteboard – that is a painful experience when it doesn’t get saved by someone!!)


They are my big selling points.

I’ve recorded a quick and dirty how to video to introduce it to you too. 


Once you’ve got to grips with this, check out my other online whiteboard blogs that’ll show you how to do even more with them.


Or if you’d like a personal session to learn, play and design then get in touch to book a Playdate.

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