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How to inspire action after a team session


So you’ve had a team development session with your team and you’ve gone back to the day job.  How are you going to make sure that what you discussed, discovered and agreed to actually happens?  Here’s a few things you can do;


·       Ask everyone to stick a post it note on their desks with the action they are committing to for the week ahead – that way they will see it everyday and so will their teammates.

·       Ask the team to hold each other responsible for their actions – they can ask others how their action is going, can encourage them, can celebrate with them when it is achieved.

·       Ask the team to hold you responsible for your action/s – give them permission to ask you about it, you are much more likely to do it!

·       Actively encourage your team members when you see them doing new things well and also pick up with them when they display behaviours or do things that you had all agreed were unhelpful.  Hold them to account.

·       If you’ve created an action plan as part of your session, make sure one person has the responsibility for looking after it.  They don’t need to be the one doing all the actions, but they should review it regularly and check in with action holders.

·       Set a further session, even if it’s just a 15 minute huddle, to check in with everyone on how things are going since the session.  Ask what they’ve seen being done differently, what they’ve tried, what hasn’t worked, what they’ve learnt.  Celebrate the successes to encourage more of those actions and behaviours.


The team session is just the start of the journey, it’s the work done afterwards that will make it all a reality.  Don’t fall into the trap of going back to the day job and reverting to the way things were.  As a team leader it’s up to you to keep up the momentum, your team will follow you.



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