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How to make time to develop your team


So you know that developing your team is important, but the never ending to do lists, deadlines and surprises mean that you never really find the time to do it.  And it’s not just your work that’s the problem, your team are busy too.


How on earth are you going to find time to do anything to develop you and them?


Here’s a few tips of things you can do:


Set aside 20 minutes on the team meeting agenda to do a team building exercise of your choosing, or ask a member of the team to lead one and rotate the responsibility


Ask people what work they’d like more of and less of – see if this can be accommodated (sometimes you’ll find you can shift work around the team or even pass over some of the things you weren’t sure you could delegate). Doing work that they enjoy or challenges them is a great way to develop your team, keep them happy and work will even get done quicker!


Start a conversation (whether face to face, email, instant messaging) with your team and ask them to share 2 do’s and don’ts for working with them – topics could include communication, motivation etc. Discuss these at a team meeting to help understand why it’s important to them.  Make use of this knowledge when working with them going forwards.


Go out for lunch together or for a drink after work. Get to know each other a little better; find out what people do outside of work, what their passions are and what’s on their bucket list!


And finally; just put things down for a couple of hours – it might sound scary or unnatural to put work down for a couple of hours when there a whole host of things looming to be done, but taking a couple of hours out to do something developmental can have a great effect on both you and your team. What you achieve in those two hours can easily add to improvements when you go back to work.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “you’ve got to invest to save” and this could not be truer of team development.  You have to make the time to do it in order to realise the benefits, so do whatever you can to make a start today – it will be worth it!


If you aren’t clear on how team development can help then have a read of my recent blog “13 reasons why… you should develop you team


If you want to do something but don’t know where to start then get in touch and let’s have a chat.

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