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Imagine If… Team Building Could Be Easy

I’m so pleased to announce that my application to run an event at Leicester Business Festival in November 2018 has been approved!!

I’ll be running a 3 hour workshop called “Imagine If… team building could be easy” on Tuesday 6th November.  It’s aimed at team leaders and is a completely practical workshop where I’ll take you through a series of tools you can use yourself with your team after the workshop – you’ll have everything you need to start team building yourself!


And on top of that you’ll use the tools at the workshop to learn about yourself too!  And you’ll get to network with other attendees.  And I’ll give treat you to a cup of tea.


So if you’ve ever thought any of the following, then this workshop is for you…

“I need to do some team building, but I don’t know where to start”

“I need to understand my team better, who shall I bring in to help me?”

“I don’t have any money for team building, but it would really help”

“I don’t have time to find activities to do with my team”


After three hours with me you’ll have:

–       Tools you can use with your team, again and again

–       No reliance on external facilitators

–       More knowledge and confidence than you arrived with

–       A better understanding of yourself


If this event isn’t for you then please do share it with anyone who might be interested, but also check out what other events are on and find ones that do interest you – there’s something for everyone!

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