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Jam Sessions

Sometimes working on your own is wonderful.  At other times it can be really tough.

Like when you need a quick influx of outside thinking to help you overcome a challenge.

Or when you know you should be working on a particular piece of design work but you have a habit of pushing it back to another day.


It’s one of the things people miss most about working alone – having that team around to bounce ideas off and hold you to account.


That’s where the idea of the jams originated – as a way to overcome these blockers and move forwards with energy.

An Idea Jam is a one hour session where you can come along and ask for help for ideas from me and the other participants.

Maybe you are completely stuck for an activity for a session or for how you might advertise your services or for how you might translate a face to face activity to an online one…. you tell us your challenge and we give you ideas.

Practical advice, options, solutions & possibilities. This is my favourite thing about them – the actionable stuff you can use afterwards.

There’s a max of 5 participants so that everyone has time to get help.

£40 per session inc. VAT

Idea Jam 2023 dates

(First Tuesday of the month at 10-11am)

7th March

11th April (moved from 4th)

2nd May

6th June

4th July

5th Sept

3rd Oct

7th November

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Looking for help with something else?

For resources that are already designed and ready to use take a look at the Toybox.

For dedicated 1:1 help to design your own activities & workshops take a look at my Playdates.

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