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Jam Sessions

Sometimes working on your own is wonderful.  At other times it can be really tough.

Like when you need a quick influx of outside thinking to help you overcome a challenge.

Or when you know you should be working on a particular piece of design work but you have a habit of pushing it back to another day.


It’s one of the things people miss most about working alone – having that team around to bounce ideas off and hold you to account.


That’s where the idea of the jams originated – as a way to overcome these blockers and move forwards with energy.

An Idea Jam is a one hour session where you can come along and ask for help for ideas from me and the other participants.

Maybe you are completely stuck for an activity for a session or for how you might advertise your services or for how you might translate a face to face activity to an online one…. you tell us your challenge and we give you ideas.

Practical advice, options, solutions & possibilities. This is my favourite thing about them – the actionable stuff you can use afterwards.

There’s a max of 5 participants so that everyone has time to get help.

£35 per session.

Idea Jam 2022 dates

Tues 19th July

Wed 21 Sept

Tues 22 Nov

A Design Jam is a three hour session that combines co-working, accountability and a sounding board/helping hand.

I know how easy it is to plan time to design a workshop and then constantly push it back to another day, edging ever closer to the delivery date itself.

I also know the power of setting time aside, sticking to it and being held to account for actually doing the work!

That’s what the Design Jam gives you – dedicated time and the company of others.  You also get the chance for a mini Playdate with me to help you talk things through, generate ideas, voice things out loud etc. (whatever support you need at the time).

£50 per session or buy annual membership for £400 and get access to all of them! (Contact me to buy annual membership)

Design Jam 2022 dates

Wed 24 Aug

Tues 18 Oct

Would you like the Jams to show in your own diary so you don’t miss them?!

Click the  +Google Calendar button in the right hand bottom corner of the calendar below to subscribe (if you are on Google Calendar yourself)

Or if you are using a different calendar then you can subscribe here

Subscribing will show the events in your calendar, but you will still need to follow the link in order to book your slot!

Looking for help with something else?

For resources that are already designed and ready to use take a look at the Toybox.

For dedicated 1:1 help to design your own activities & workshops take a look at my Playdates.

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