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Leicester Business Festival 2018 – my week one highlights

Leicester Business Festival kicked off this week with a whole host of different free events to take part in.


I attended 5 with a view to learn something different and to meet new people.


My highlights have been;

  • Learning about how to enter awards and how doing so can help grow my business
  • Playing with Lego and learning how it can be used to help teams and organisations
  • Unexpected conversations about opportunities that weren’t there before someone introduced the two of us – sparking all sorts of thoughts for the future
  • Learning more about Business Strategy and how I can sculpt the right approach for me
  • Exploring opportunities for partnerships and collaborations
  • Meeting new suppliers who can help me and my business thrive
  • Speed networking with 28 people in the space of 40 mins!

Not bad for a weeks work is it?  Can’t wait to see what week 2 has in store; finding perfect customers and becoming a speaker are on todays list, and I’m delivering my own workshop tomorrow called “Imagine If… Team Building Could Be Easy“.  There’s a handful of places left if you fancy coming along!


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