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Cat was one of the first people to join the MindChimp community way back in 2016 and since then she has added handfuls of knowledge and advice to the group.  So when it came round to MindChimp’s first ever event, of course I was going to ask Cat to present her cool sketch-a-graphics to the whole community. 

In a world where we are over stimulated with text, instant messages, blogs and email, it makes perfect sense that corporations find a way to make their messages stand out. 

Cat has a unique skill of being able to capture a vast amount of data and turn it into an epic visual representation.

Danny Seal, MindChimp

This one is a little different – it’s like a post-event sketch-a-graphic, but created before the event took place!!

The event was an informal meeting of learning and development professionals from across the country.  Not only did I create a sketch-a-graphic of the event, but I also got to speak about how my sketch-a-graphics came about and what I’ve learnt along the way- that was a great experience in itself!

For the event sketch-a-graphic each of the speakers provided their key messages in bullet point form (Bronze package) which were then combined to create a sketch-a-graphic of the event.

The sketch-a-graphic was shown as the final slide of the event and shared with participants afterwards in order to help them recall the speakers and their topics.

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