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 I was seeking a communication tool that would work in hard copy and to be used electronically, via our Intranet and on social media platforms, in particular Twitter and Facebook.

The goal was to boost our response rate to the annual NHS Staff Survey. The output was to produce a communication that both collated our findings from many conversations with staff about the barriers to responding to their survey invitations and reframed them into positive actions and messages.

The challenge we faced was that there were three key reasons, which interacted with each other. I wanted both this level of content and clarity, a something that was quick to read, easily digestible and visually-appealing. Therefore, I chose the sketch-a-graphic format and approached Cat specifically to produce it.

The set-up phone call with Cat helped me to understand what the finished communication might look like, and then Cat set out very clear requirements for information from me.

I was impressed with both the speed and quality of what Cat produced. My team love the graphic and it fully met the brief that was given.

If you are looking to provide summary information in a refreshing and appealing format, I would recommend Cat’s sketch-a-graphics to you.


Catherine Heaney, OD Manager, Frimley Health Foundation NHS Trust


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