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Online Team Development Courses

Are you a team leader looking for ways to develop your team?

Have you considered delivering a session yourself rather than bringing someone in? Are you willing to try new ways and approaches? Do you love the sound of this, but don’t know where to start? Online team development courses may be the answer…

Online Team Development Courses

My online team development courses are aimed at team leaders and equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to deliver a session to your own team. I believe that team leaders are the best placed to develop teams and that with some support and guidance they can rise to the challenge. The main aim of each course is to talk you through a series of slides and activities in order to get you comfortable with the content and how to deliver it.  Once you’ve completed the course you can download the tools and run the session with your team.

My first online course “Teams That Trust” is available now.  It is focussed on building trust within your team.  Trust is the foundation for teams and it’s important to get this in place to ensure you can build and grow with a solid understanding across the team. Further courses will be coming soon. Visit the Imagine If Academy to read more and to purchase your courses. Alongside the courses, I offer support packages to help you to get ready to deliver to your team and/or to debrief after the session.  These can be purchased through the Imagine If Academy.

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