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Would you love to create awesome workshops that keep customers coming back for more?

Would you love to delight and inspire your delegates by helping them to learn whilst having fun?

Would you love to have someone to help you make this happen?



Then a playdate may be exactly what you need…

Playdates come in different formats depending on what help you would like.

Idea Buster Playdates

An idea buster is a one hour online 1:1 session where we generate, develop or structure ideas in your chosen topic.

We can start from scratch on a topic of your choice or we can take all the ideas you already have and develop them, adding some struture as we go.  We’ll grow your ideas in any way you need so that you can leave the session feeling ready to take action.

The sessions are pacey and I capture everything we come up with as we go.  You’ll get a copy of it straight after the session so you can act on it whilst you still have the energy activated!

£200 (plus VAT)

Tailored Playdates

In a tailored Playdate we’ll work together to design & develop your workshop, course, programme or challenge as if we were a super-team.

We can focus on whichever area/s you feel you’d like support with most.  It might be:

  • A high level plan
  • Digging deep into the detail
  • Finding or designing fun activities
  • Reviewing existing material and revamping it
  • Creating documents/templates/handouts
  • A combination of the above

Or anything else you think will help.

Tailored Playdates are available as:

⌚ 90 minutes online session for £300 (plus VAT)

🕰 Full day online or face to face session £1500 (plus VAT)
(available to take as a full day or to use hours as you need them)

⏳ Buy 5 or more full days for a reduced rate of £1250 per day (plus VAT)

You can also create a tailored package to suit your needs.

Some topics previous clients have used Playdates for include:

  • Designing workshops from scratch to move from blank sheet to high level design in quick fire time
  • Talking through existing workshops that have become dull and coming up with ideas to make them more fun and creative
  • Designing 5 day challenges that flow and feel good for participants
  • Sense checking new workshop designs to build confidence
  • Sharing experiences and ideas for change programmes and associated activities
  • Learning how to use new tools and technology such as Miro, Google Jamboard, Mentimeter etc

What might you use a Playdate for?

Hear what some of my clients have said after a Playdate…

Get excited about your ideas

Ever have a great idea but just can’t bring yourself to get started on it because it feels too big or you just don’t know where to start?
Playdates have helped people like you move over this hurdle and get excited about making them happen again.

Co-creation that sparkles

You may be great at the big ideas, or love getting stuck into the detail. No matter where you like to spend your time I bridge both sides and can bring the bit you need to make things happen.

Level-up your materials

So you know your content is something that can help people, but how do you turn it into something fun that people will want to use and share with others?

We can take your content, add some playful yet practical elements and turn it into something you can’t wait to share.

Want someone to do the whole thing for you?!

Maybe what you are after is someone to just do it all for you?!

That’s totally possible!

Let’s chat about what help you need and find the right way to support you.

Looking for resources that are already designed and ready to use? Check out the Toybox.

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