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Sketch-a-graphic Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio page.

Take a look at what I’ve been working on – you can click on each image to enlarge it and if you click on “read more…” you can learn more about the reasons behind it’s creation and which package was used.

Allied Health Professionals  – working together

AHP’s work closely across Lincolsnhire and the team wanted a way to both celebrate and publicise this, as well as helping people understand their strategy at a quick glance.

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Once upon a HR process…

Once upon a time I learnt about the Pixar Pitch method.  I’ve used it in a sketch-a-graphic format to explain one of my future business goals; to turn an organisations HR processes into single page summaries in order to help managers get a quicker understanding and enable them to act more quickly on them when the need arise.  Does this sound like something you’d love to do?  Contact me below!

NHS Staff Survey – Frimley Health Foundation NHS Trust

“I was impressed with both the speed and quality of what Cat produced. My team love the graphic and it fully met the brief that was given.

Catherine Heaney, OD Manager, Frimley Health Foundation NHS Trust

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Small Steps Big Changes Outcome Pathways

SSBC (Small Steps Big Changes) were embarking on a review of their services with their stakeholders.  They wanted to engage with people in a way that showed what the programme provided, helped understanding and encouraged discussion. Three sketch-a-graphics were produced; one for each pathway.  

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MindChimp Meetup Aug ’18

“Cat has a unique skill of being able to capture a vast amount of data and turn it into an epic visual representation.

Danny Seals, MindChimp

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Visual CV – a new approach to job hunting!

Wanting to stand out from the crowd, this client (it’s a secret who it is…!) asked me to create them a visual CV.  I wish I could show you the whole thing, but that might just give the game away.

I’ll do my best to describe it instead…

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8 compelling reasons to hire a coach

Created in collaboration with Karen Foyster, this sketch-a-graphic highlights the key reasons to hire a coach.  Read the full blog “Why hire a coach? 8 compelling reasons

What is OD at ULHT?

“The graphic has begun conversations about what the team do and has brought what can be a woolly and complex concept to something relatable to everyone.

Katy Marshall, OD Manager, ULHT

The OD team wanted to create something memorable that would help people understand what they did as a team and the topics that they cover across the organisation.

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Cyber Security for Home Businesses

Created in collaboration with Your IT Department, this sketch-a-graphic gives the home worker (or solo business owner) tips on how to protect themselves against cyber threats.

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The Income Team (UCAS)

“Your sketch-a-graphic was perfect!  Clear and engaging, quirky and not only attention grabbing but memorable too.”

Sam Puddy, UCAS

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Why diets don’t work

“Having spent 20+ years in academia, I know that information becomes more memorable as soon as pictures are added, so I asked Cat to create me a sketch-a-graphic of a topic I wanted to share and stand out.

Cat asked me lots of questions about my idea, the message I wanted to convey and who my audience was, then I left her to do her creative magic.”

Mel Wakeman, Wakeman Nutrition

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National Public Sleeping Day

Sometimes I create sketch-a-graphics for fun!  The topic of public sleeping grabbed my attention so I did some research into “National Public Sleeping Day” and summaries it in the above sketch.

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Business offering and approach

“Cat has produced a fantastic sketch-a-graphic for my business following a conversation we had over the phone.

She has a unique ability to interpret what you are looking for in a creative and original manner.”

Vicky Proctor, Insight HR Solutions

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The A-Z of super confidence

“We’ve created a book called ‘The A-Z of Super Confidence’ and have used one of Cat’s sketch-a-graphics to show the contents page of the book in a more dynamic and engaging way.”

Diane Vernon, Employability UK

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Recruitment and Welcome process

Staffordshire Housing Group were looking for a way to bring their Recruitment and Welcome policy to life; to make it more engaging and allow staff to see the whole process at a glance, rather than having to read a lengthy process document.

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