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What is a sketch-a-graphic?

A sketch-a-graphic is way of displaying information using simple hand drawn images and text.  

They are most frequently done on a single page but could also be multi-page documents.  

Images and text make the information more understandable, digestible and interesting.

What can you use a sketch-a-graphic for?

Sketch-a-graphics can be used for anything you’d previously have used text for. If you can think of a use, I can make it happen! Some common uses are:


  • Process summaries
  • Explaining complex topics
  • Representing data and statistics
  • Top tips on any subject
  • Summarising books/reports

How can a sketch-a-graphic help you?

If you’ve got data or information that you really want people to read; why not try using a sketch-a-graphic instead (or as a summary) of a written report?  By using images as well as text, people are more likely to read, understand, and remember the key messages as well as be able to recall them more easily.  Using a mixture of text and visuals helps appeal to a larger group of people and provides information to them in a way that suits them.

What benefits can you get from a sketch-a-graphic?

Maintain audience interest and attention

Create a common understanding

Create a quick overview of your topic, encouraging an eagerness to know more

Liven up boring and/or complex topics



The typical development process of a sketch-a-graphics is shown here.

Packages for sketch-a-graphics

The type of package you need is usually determined by the type of information you have, where it is stored and how you want to provide it to me.  You can see how the packages differ below.

Sketch-a-graphic portfolio

To see examples of different sketch-a-graphics and hear what customers have said, take a look at my portfolio…

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