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SSBC Outcome Pathways

Why SSBC wanted to use sketch-a-graphics:

SSBC (Small Steps Big Changes) were embarking on a review of their services with their stakeholders.  They wanted to engage with people in a way that showed what the programme provided, helped understanding and encouraged discussion. Three sketch-a-graphics were produced; one for each pathway.  They are done in the same format so similarities can be identified across the pathways as well as being able to identify gaps and areas of strength.

How the sketch-a-graphic has been used so far:

The sketch-a-graphics have been printed out in A0 format and taken to stakeholder meetings to enable discussions to take place.

Which sketch-a-graphic package was used to create the final image:

The sketch-a-graphics were created using a combination of the bronze and silver packages – a list of topics were provided and we had a discussion around what each one was and what form it took in order to ensure visuals represented each one effectively.

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