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Team Development Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio page.

Team development is my passion, I love seeing the journey a team takes as it implements changes as a result of sessions I’ve designed or delivered.  Take a look at some examples below.

Cat totally understood what I was trying to achieve and she prepared a proposal for a development programme which I was able to use to get Senior management buy in.

Having Cat on board brought clear direction, energy and pace to the programme and we saw huge benefits in terms of team morale and customer satisfaction.

Sam Ireland

Information Partner, NHS

Directorate Wide Team Development Programme

This directorate invested in a three tier development programme; senior leaders, team leaders and teams, ensuring all staff had access to an appropriate development programme for them and their teams.

The team development programme consisted of a series of modules to be run over a period of 12 months.  The modules included sessions on customer service, understanding team offerings, preferences and communication styles and innovation.  Some sessions were delivered by myself and others by team leaders.  This enabled the programme to take place at pace, enabling change to happen quicker as a result.

Topics for the modules were identified by carrying out a learning needs analysis with each team involved.  This gave ownership of the programme to them, as it was designed around what they said was important, as well as linking to the programmes that took place at team leaders and senior leader levels.

Knowing Me, Knowing You

This interactive session was aimed at helping students understand preferences and social styles.  It enabled them to understand their own preferences and the impact these have on relationships with others.  They also learnt how to identify other peoples styles and preferences in order to be adaptable and build better relationships.  Seeing the group energy levels change as they began to understand each other was great to witness and they were fully absorbed in knowing more.

Cat delivered an excellent session which was clear and interesting, enabling students to understand their individual differences. This has enabled them to work better in groups, but also to work better individually as they understand what drives them and what stresses them.

Giving the students the understanding to how they work well or badly with others has opened up lines for communication and increased their productivity in the run up to important exams. Her manner, presentation style and confidence enthused all participants and they still refer back to it a year later.

Siobhan Henry

Teacher of Psychology, Lingfield College

Innovation Lab

Recognising a blockage in a piece of work, the innovation lab was designed to overcome this hurdle and to help the team forge a plan to make the project happen.  The session looked at the reasons for the blockages, how they could be overcome, the roles each team members played and who was best placed (based on their motivations and strengths) to take pieces of the project forward.

I witnessed a lightbulb moment when one member of the team (with the interest and enthusiasm for this work) asked if they could do the next step of the project, enabling the person who felt they had to do it, to pass it over and feel the relief!

Team merger

When two teams merged they recognised the need to understand how they were going to work together going forwards.  I delivered a session focussing on understanding their service offering, the commonality between the teams, the overlaps and opportunities to share or redistribute work appropriately.

Having been hesitant of the changes, the team left enthused as to how things could be improved by joining together.  The session was interactive and whilst I led the exercises, the focus was on the knowledge within the teams and the ideas they had.

Having taken on a team who were working independently, I needed very quickly to get to know them and help them to learn to work together to achieve team goals rather than their individual goals. I approached Cat who listened carefully and bringing her imagination; her creativity; and her experience together, she designed a personalised package for me. She explained her ideas to me and I was able to input to it, so that I felt an ownership of the session and I was confident from the outset that it could help us.

The session itself went very well, Cat was able to engage the whole team and get us to work together towards the session outcomes. We were able to take the learning away and come back to it in team meetings and 1:1s.

What Cat started, we have continued and the team are now working together, trust each other and we all actually enjoy working together. Cat has inspired me to keep it going. We all have good relationships with the customers, to the extent where we have chatted after meetings and they’ve told me they can’t believe the difference in the team.

Having learned some of the fundamentals from Cat, I have been using such methods with the team ever since and we now feel we are quite a well-functioning team. The new understanding we have of each other’s different strengths and motivations has helped us learn a mutual respect for each other, and we now find that rather than focussing purely on our own day to day tasks, we support each other to meet our common goals.

Maddy Brownlee

Information Services Partner, NHS

Strengthening the team

Getting to know the team and their strengths was a priority to the new leader of this team.  Whilst change was continuously taking place around them, they needed to be able to gel as a team and offer an excellent service to customers.

I delivered a session focusing on the needs of the team, their strengths, areas for improvement and their own motivations.  The resulting discussions helped the team to understand each other better and helped the team leader to work with them to design how they could work best together in future.

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