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Team Development

The best way to get things done is through being part of a great team.  Great teams don’t just happen; you have to cultivate them. Whether you are building a new team or developing an existing one, I can help you. My offering is based around three building blocks…

I offer three different services to support team development; online group programmes, bespoke team development and online team development courses. To read more about each service, select the relevant topic below.



My mission is to support team leaders in their roles to look after and develop their teams.  That’s why I advocate for team leaders to deliver the workshops that I design.  Sure, I can come in and deliver it, but I honestly think that team leaders are the best ones for the job and that they should be supported to develop their skills in this area.

Building sustainable change within your team

We’ve all been there… you or your team members attend a workshop or training session and return filled with enthusiasm and ideas, but over time the requirement to “get on with the day job” overwrites any new ideas or ways of working. Imagine if you could deliver the session to your team; you can set the scene, you can encourage learning, you can support new ideas and ways of working, you can maintain momentum the next day, week and month.  Who best to nurture your team than you? In order for you to build sustainability I believe it’s best if you are supported to deliver sessions to your team yourself.

Supporting you to support your team

Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it alone, I provide all the tools to help you equip yourself to deliver the session. I’ll walk you through everything to get you comfortable and support you along the way (I provide a bespoke service, ensuring you get the right level of support for you).    Taking this approach will develop you as a leader, in turn making your team even stronger. There are different support packages available, depending on how much input you need from me.

Benefits of self-delivery

Build internal resilience rather than dependence

Ability to deliver multiple times at no extra cost, you can pick up missed or new team members as required

Relate the session back to current challenges and organisational context

Builds skills in team leaders to develop and support their staff

Having the team leader deliver makes it more real when back in "the day job” as they can support, encourage and remind

Team leaders know the team and can encourage individuals as needed (to speak up and voice ideas)

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