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Team HeART

You’ve had a great team session, full of energy and enthusiasm, where you discussed and agreed your team values, behaviours or commitments.  Everyone is bought in and signs up to make them a reality; it’s brilliant!

Then you all go back to the office and one of two things usually happens…

1 – The flip chart with your agreed values gets rolled up and passed to someone to type up.  They diligently do this and send an email round.  People have a quick look and file it away.

2 – The flip chart gets rolled up and popped on a shelf or desk waiting for someone to have time to write it up and send it round.

With both these options, the values are often left forgotten, only referred to years later as “remember that session we did….”

If you are very lucky there’s a third option – your values get typed up, sent round, printed off and are often referred to in your regular team meetings and 1:1s.

Imagine if there was a better way.  A way to keep the discussion and agreements in the forefront of your minds.  A way for you and your team to recall why you agreed these values and what they are.  A way to prompt action and discussion about how the values are being lived out through people’s behaviours.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Well I’m here to tell you that this future can exist!

You can have your team values turned into a visual that you can proudly display for all to see.  Send me a photo of your flip chart (assuming it’s readable) or a typed version of your values and I’ll turn it into your very own team sketch.  You’ll get an electronic file that you can print off and display or you can use the electronic version in any way you can dream up!

Display your values somewhere people will see them everyday and where it will prompt ongoing action and discussion.

The benefits of displaying your values:

Increase engagement

Improve recall

Motivate action

Inspire discussion

Here’s a few I made earlier to give you a feel for what it will look like.

It can include your logo (at the top), your own title and be in your chosen colours.

Cost = £250 (for up to 8 values – although I’d suggest 4-5 is a good number for people to commit to)

Want to know how you can get your very own team sketch?

  1. Download, complete and return the Team HeART order form
  2. I’ll send you an invoice (sent within two days*)
  3. You pay the invoice
  4. I use your own words and add pictures that I feel match well (or I’ll draw new ones if I don’t have something appropriate).  I’ll add your logo and colour it with your chosen colours (work starts once the invoice has been paid)
  5. I’ll send you electronic files – for print and web use (sent within five working days*)
  6. You can print, share and discuss to your hearts content

*Times given are maximum times.  If you have an urgent requirement then let me know!

If you love the idea of this but are interested in something more bespoke then get in touch and let’s talk about what you have in mind.

Frequently asked questions

Is Team HeART only for teams?

It’s mainly aimed at teams, but it has wider uses too.

It could be used for an organisation’s values or even for an individual.

What are team values?

Team values are the at the heart of how your team want to work together.  They are the underlying principles or behaviours that help guide you to make the right decisions and choose the right thing to do.  It could be a way of thinking, working, communicating or even a general feeling.

The important thing is that they are designed and agreed by the team.  That way you have the best buy in to make them happen.

Should the values be ones we are already demonstrating?

They could be.  If you already have a strong culture and your values lie at the heart of making that effective then you may already have great values in place.

But in some cases it’s more aspirational than that – a chance to come up with something to strive for.  What are the values you want to be living everyday that will make your team great?  Some might be easy or natural and others may be harder to achieve.  Overall they should be positive, inspiring and working towards being an awesome team.

How does having team values help my team?

Having agreed team values means you have a framework for how people should behave.  It gives you a focus for improvement; both within the team and outside it.  It gives you a common goal to work towards and a common understanding of what is expected of each team member.  It gives you a discussion point for 1:1s and team meetings to consider how you are living up to them as a team, giving you the chance to celebrate when people have demonstrated the values and a clear measure for when people haven’t.

Having team values helps team members to make decisions and choose the right thing to do based on the values themselves.

We don't have any team values yet, how can we develop them?

The best way to develop them is alongside your team.  Run a session with your team to talk about what they could be.

If you need help designing a session then I can help you design something simple that will prompt discussion, narrow down the options and reach an agreement on the final list.  My approach is to help equip you to deliver the session yourself, but if you need me to come and do it then I can do that too.

I also have an online course coming soon that will provide you with a series of sessions you could run with your team to achieve this. (Watch this space or contact me to get on the wait list)

Is Team HeART just for values?

Team HeART has been designed specifically for team values, but there are a number of other ways that it could be used (such as strengths, behaviours etc).

These would be a bespoke solution, so we’d need to talk about the details.  Please get in touch if you’d like to chat.

If you still have questions or want to know more about any of my other services and products then feel free to contact me using the form or email below.

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