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“We’ve created a book called ‘The A to Z of Super Confidence’ and have used one of Cat’s sketch-a-graphics to show the contents page of the book in a more dynamic and engaging way. Aimed at young people, the response to the book has been fantastic, with positive comments not just from the target audience but much wider. It was a pleasure to work with Cat who has a fresh and energetic approach to her work; She understood our requirements instantly and made it easy and fun to produce something really special”.

Diane Vernon, Employability UK

Why Employability UK wanted to use a sketch-a-graphic:
Having been donated content to produce a book around raising confidence for young people, Employability UK wanted a sketch-a-graphic to support it and help bring it to life.

Which sketch-a-graphic package was used to create the final image:
Gold; the book content was provided in order for me to read through and pick out the best way to represent the information.

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