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Visual CV – a new approach to job hunting!

Wanting to stand out from the crowd, this client (it’s a secret who it is…!) asked me to create them a visual CV.  I wish I could show you the whole thing, but that might just give the game away.

I’ll do my best to describe it instead…  Rather than show a series of lists of jobs, qualifications and achievements, it shows it as a journey of life; connecting each experience together and demonstrating how the pieces fit together to make up a whole story.

It gives a much better rounded view of the individual, where they’ve been and where they are going.

Turning a three page CV into a single page visual was a challenge, but we talked through their life story and agreed on what should be included.

It was created using a combination of package approaches; silver to talk through the story and discuss the experience and gold for me to review the CV and pick out important information (like dates).

Can’t wait to see what reaction this gets in the job hunting world….!

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