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Your sketch-a-graphic was perfect! Clear and engaging, quirky and not only attention grabbing but memorable too.

Sam Puddy, UCAS

Why the UCAS income team leader wanted to use a sketch-a-graphic:
Back office functions are often overlooked and difficult to promote internally.  In order to demonstrate the value that the credit control function brings to the business they wanted to be able to show it in a fun, easy to digest and memorable way.  They wanted to make the topic of finance exciting!

How the sketch-a-graphic has been used so far and the reaction it’s received:
“We put it on our Yammer account and received several comments instantly about how colleagues hadn’t realised what we did / or how much we did, and we’ve since been asked by some of the other departments to come and talk to them about what we do. In a company of 430 staff the post received over 70 likes and was viewed by 320 staff – which in just 3 days is pretty phenomenal.”

Which sketch-a-graphic package was used to create the final image:
Bronze; clear and simple statistics were provided and turned into impactful images.


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