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“Having spent 20+ years in academia, I know that information becomes more memorable as soon as pictures are added so I asked Cat to create me a sketch-a-graphic of a topic I wanted to share and stand out. Cat asked me lots of questions about my idea, the message I wanted to convey and who my audience was, then I left her to do her creative magic. I am delighted with the result and since using my sketch in workshops, seminars and with my 1-1 coaching, the feedback has been fantastic. Cat was great fun to work with and I’m really excited about our future projects coming soon!”

Mel Wakeman, Wakeman Nutrition

Why Wakeman Nutrition wanted to use a sketch-a-graphic:
Wakeman Nutrition wanted to be able to show the big picture when it comes to helping individuals understand their own health, the negative cycle of dieting and how to break free and identify solutions that work for them.

Which sketch-a-graphic package was used to create the final image:
Silver; we talked through the topic of why diets don’t work and then I grouped key messages together in way that was easy to see the problem and potential solutions.

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