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I’ve always been interested in learning new things but more recently I think I may have become addicted.  

It’s a combination of me wanting to learn more and me realising that I’m learning all the time.  Reading a post/thought/article on Linked In is teaching me something, talking to people about what they do is teaching me something, even watching the tv is teaching me something!!  I’m not the only one who does this, but I’m not sure whether people recognise it as learning….

Don’t get me wrong, I also do more formal learning.  I read books, listen to audio books, attend network meeting and courses.  But it’s the social learning and sharing thoughts with others that makes small changes happen without really thinking about it.

That’s where I think fun comes in.  If you are doing something fun you learn without even noticing.  It’s not being fed to you, you’re forming your own thoughts and interpreting it in your own way, in your own situation.  You own the learning and you are far more likely to do something with it.

I’m not one for standing still and only using what I already know.  I love to explore and seek out new ways to do things, have new ideas and conversations, learn about new topics and how I can use them.  Quite honestly; I’d be bored if I didn’t!  So to avoid boredom and becoming stuck, I choose instead to continue to learn and grow.  It’s important to me.

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