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Why making time for team development is a good idea


I know it’s hard to find the time sometimes, but unless you do how will things ever change?

You don’t need to be setting aside days at a time to do team development, it could be 20 minutes a day, or half an hour a week.  It just needs to be something and preferably a regular something.


“Why?” you might ask…..

You might think your team is functioning perfectly already and wonder how making time for team development would help? Firstly; lucky you! Having a great team already is an excellent place to start from, but do you really think there isn’t the smallest chance something somewhere could be even better?  Even so, how much do you really know about your team and their aspirations?  Could doing team development with them help them in their future goals?


More likely though you are thinking things could be better in your team, whether that’s relationships within it, with customers, the way work gets done (or not), the service you provide etc.  Unless you set aside the time to do something to change this, how do you expect that to happen?


“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein


By setting aside some time to work through the issues within your team (no matter how small) you can start to see things change for the better.  Let’s look at some examples, see how many you recognise…


Some of your team members don’t get on, they clash at meetings and are creating tension in the office.  Imagine if they could understand why they clash and learn how to adapt their behaviour so that they get on better.

Some of your customers are not happy with the quality of work being provided by your team (and you agree!).  Imagine if you could help the team understand the different levels of service provided to customers and agree how to improve it in a way where it’s all their idea?!

Some areas of work are only done by a single person and if they aren’t in; it doesn’t get done!! Imagine if your team spread the knowledge so you didn’t have any single points of failure!

Some of your team just seem unhappy in their roles.  Imagine if you could understand their strengths and areas of passion so you could give them more work they enjoyed?

There’s a new change coming to the team (whether that’s from customers, from higher up or something you’ve created) and you don’t know how the team will deal with it.  Imagine if you could discuss how their motivation will be effected and understand what you can do to help them through it.


These are just a few examples of how team development can help you, there’s plenty more!


Now to address why regular is better… Think of anything you do in life – if you really want to see change, you have to do it more than once.  You have to keep the conversation going, reflect on what you’ve learnt, what you’ve tried and the difference it’s making.  Even if you only do one activity, you need to keep talking about it so that it gets embedded as a new way of doing things.  Otherwise, it’s just too easy to revert back to old ways of doing things.


Struggling to find time? Read my blog on “How to make time to develop your team” for a few tips of things you can do.



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