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Three quick & easy virtual icebreakers

Three quick & easy virtual icebreakers


With more workshops and courses now being run online, people are on the look out for icebreakers that work in a virtual environment.

Whilst many of the ones people use in a face to face environment could most likely be redesigned to work online, sometimes quick and simple ones are what people are after.

Here’s three quick icebreakers you could use today;


One truth, one lie

I know this one’s been done a lot by some people but it’s quick and easy and makes for interesting conversations.

Ask people to come up with two experiences – one they’ve done and one they haven’t.

Get people to share in turn and see if people can guess which one is the lie.  Use the chat function or polls to vote for number 1 or 2 before getting the speaker to reveal the answer.

See who can get the most right!


How do you have your tea?

There’s been a few images going round on social media about how people like to have their tea and coffee.

It’s a quick way to break the ice and a bit of fun – especially when you have people at opposite ends of the scale.

Use the image below to find out.


Book Swap

If people are working from home, ask them if they have a book they are looking to pass on.

Ask them to grab it and tell people why they want to part with it.  Maybe they loved it so much they think others should read it too, maybe they just couldn’t get into it but know someone else might love it.

See if anyone else at the session would like the book and agree to swap details so it can be sent to them.

Not only is it a good way to share book thoughts, but it’s a nice gift to get a book in the post!

To me, the important thing is getting people to arrive at the session, feel ready and open to sharing more and feel connected to the other participants.  If an icebreaker will help you achieve that, then use one! 

Give one of these icebreakers a go or design your own.

Or if you want some more creative ideas, then check out ‘Virtual Icebreakers’ available now in the Toybox for £25.  You get 6 icebreakers with full step by step instructions – some are drawing, some are looking/moving and some are thinking!

 Grab your copy from the Toybox now.

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